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How to Save SimAnimals on the Wii

You can control the lives of virtual people in the "Sims" games, but in "SimAnimals" you control the lives and habitats of wildlife. With a task-oriented structure, gamers use specific animals to achieve their goals while also purchasing new objects for the outdoor environments. The game cannot be p

How to Prepare a Freeze Dried Food Can in a Mountain House

Freeze-dried canned foods are packaged for simple preparation in camping and emergency situations. Companies specializing in these types of foods typically guarantee a shelf life of 20 years or more. Preparing canned, freeze-dried foods is simply a matter of adding pre-measured quantities of boiling

Differences Between Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen

"Pokemon FireRed" and "Pokemon LeafGreen" are different versions of the same game. The differences between these two "Pokemon" titles are pretty minor. Both versions have several exclusive Pokemon that can be caught in that version only. The stats and appearance for Deoxys will vary based...

An Online MBA Program Puts Your Future in Your Own Hands

Let's face the facts here, can we? You may be in a respectable position in your current employment situation, but if you are like most people, you are not completely satisfied with the position you hold. That bit of dissatisfaction is generally because you understand that you have the ability t

How to Place a Player on a Team in Wii "NHL 2K10"

Hockey video game "NHL 2K10" rattles the Wii"s virtual boards with big hits and dazzling shots on goal. The game is the ninth title in the "NHL 2K" series. However, this was the first title to offer the Wii version with all of the features found in both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. One o
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