How to Write a Grant for Funding

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    • 1). Read the guidelines thoroughly. Make sure that you understand the required information and the order in which it should be presented. Be sure to ask questions for clarification. A good understanding of what the funding source is looking for goes a long way.

    • 2). Write a clear and concise statement of need. Write about the background of the problem, how it affects the community, the current resources available, and the gap in those services. Identify your organization, specific program or service, and how you plan to solve the problem. Your need statement should be logical, persuasive and compelling.

    • 3). Identify the goal of the project, and highlight specific objectives that you plan to meet. While the goal can be the overall purpose, you will need to have several measurable objectives in order to demonstrate the steps it will take to achieve your goal.

    • 4). Detail the methods by which you plan to meet your goal and objectives. What steps will you take? Who will provide the services to meet your objectives?

    • 5). Map out a timeline illustrating when each objective will be started, completed and evaluated. Include scheduled activities and as much detail as possible.

    • 6). Describe the methods you will use to measure you objectives and outcomes. Detail the records you will keep and how you plan to evaluate your objectives.

    • 7). Write an accurate budget. Use as much detail as possible and do not pad or round your numbers. Include quotes you have received and community contributions you plan to use towards the project.

    • 8). Include an appendix with materials that support your grant for funding request. This can include research, information about planned collaborations, and budget supporting items like pay scales and quotes.

    • 9). Edit thoroughly. You can never read over your grant proposal too many times. Make sure you are using correct spelling and grammar, and that your grant meets the funding source's exact specifications.


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