4 Steps to Good Garage Storage

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The iconic American garage often ends up as the first place to store clutter and every random item that doesn't have a proper place in the home.
These items tend to then become inaccessible and useless as they both take up space and prevent you from even accessing them because they're surrounded by so much other stuff in the same garage.
With spring time around the corner, cleaning the garage is the "thing to do", and what better time to do it than the present.
Let's take a look at a 4 step plan for making a garage a clean and usable room to store your items.
First and foremost, remove everything from it you don't use and get rid of it.
This is the best step in the list probably for most people, as you will find that so much of the clutter in the garage needn't even be there in the first place.
If it's not been used in a year or more, it's likely serving zero purpose for you to continue holding onto it.
Have a garage sale, give things to friends and family, or donate it all to the thrift store - just get rid of it.
Don't skip this step - it makes steps 2-4 much easier to implement.
Install ceiling mounted bike racks.
This will keep the kids and adult bikes off the floor and out of the way for the large part of the year that the bikes aren't used.
(And if the bikes aren't used at all, see step number one above!) If you'd rather, you can get bike racks that mount to the walls or even stand-alone on the floor.
If your bikes are used year round or for most of the year, try going for a stand-alone bike stand that kids can easily use, otherwise, you'll have to help them get the bikes in and out of place every time they want to use them.
Take inventory of what you have and buy shelves for all shelf-sized items.
By shelf-sized items, its meant anything that can be fit into a shelf, which is most everything left except for the big garage toys, such as lawnmowers.
But for landscaping tools, gardening tools, pots, bagged dirt, and everything else that makes its way into the garage - put it in a shelf.
If the budget allows, purchase shelving that offers a door over the shelves themselves, this way the items are now not only organized but out of sight.
Get some sort of sports rack for all loose sports items.
Most sports shops sell benches that open up for storage of helmets, bats, balls, etc or other sports gear racks which even have plastic shape mounts for storing items easily, but also leaving them accessible for when needed.
If there's no system for storing soccer balls and the like, expect them to be everywhere in the garage.
But if you install a sports rack, and use it, you get more space and less clutter.
Garages are supposed to be a place for storing items, not throwing items.
These 4 steps will work wonders in getting the garage cleaned and then keeping it organized.
Now that you have these tips, don't wait around to act on them - go for it, today, and you'll have a cleaner garage, tomorrow!

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