1977 Johnson Outboard Motor Specifications

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    • A properly sized Johnson motor can power just about any boat.motorboats for rent image by Ivonne Wierink from Fotolia.com

      Johnson Motors is an American motor company that manufactures, distributes and sells outboard motors and other boating related products. In 1977, Johnson had more than a dozen models of outboard motors available on the market. Some of them were electric, some were gasoline, some were small motors with only 10 horsepower while some ran all the way up to 200 horsepower. Learn about a sampling of the outboards that were available in 1977 and become a more informed consumer of used Johnson outboard motors.

    1977 Johnson 10E

    • The Johnson 10E is a two-stroke gasoline-powered outboard motor. It has an electric start with which to start the motor and is without any power tilt or trim features. The 10E has 10 units of horsepower and is equipped with two cylinders. The retail price of the 10E in 1977 was $910 and now, as of 2010, the 10E has a selling price of around $35, according to NADA Guides. In addition, the 10E has a dry weight, meaning without gas, of 81 lbs.

    1977 Johnson 115ETL

    • The 115ETL is a large gasoline-powered engine that delivers 115 units of horsepower. The 115ETL has four cylinders in the motor and is a two-stroke style motor. The 115ETL is without power tilt and trim and carries with it a dry weight of 315 lbs. The original retail price of the motor was $2,670, and as of 2010, it carries a low retail price of $50 and a high retail price of $60.

    1977 Johnson 6RL

    • The Johnson 6RL is a very small outboard motor from 1977 that is in the two-stroke, gasoline-powered category. The 6RL features a manual start mechanism, meaning it has a pull-cord to get the motor to turn over. The 6RL puts out six horsepower and has two cylinders. It has a dry weight of 55 lbs. and an original retail price of $590. Sellers in today's market in 2010 can expect to get between $35 and $40 for the 6RL.

    1977 Johnson E4-8

    • The E4-8 is a more rare model from 1977 in that it is an electrically powered motor instead of gasoline powered. The E4-8 has 24 volts of power and since it is electric, it is said to have 0 horsepower. It has a dry weight of 35 lbs. The original retail price was $330, but the 2010 retail price is estimated to be between $35 and $40.


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