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Building a Downline with Relationships If you have spent any time in MLM (multi-level marketing) then you have heard the saying the "MLM is a numbers game".
The heavy hitters tell you that key to success is "recruiting, recruiting, recruiting".
But when it comes to rolling out a product to your downline, you find out just wrong that statement can be.
MLM is about people.
It's under the surface a relationship business.
And by creating and maintaining a strong relationship with your downline, you can quickly achieve everything you have ever dreamed of.
(1) Use a Web Form to Establish a Connection Create a website or a blog.
Fill it with lots of useful articles, audio files, special reports, charts.
Give them away free in exchange for a visitors' name and email address on your landing or email squeeze page.
(2) Use Your List to Let People Get to Know You People like doing business with folks that they know, like and trust.
And the best way to get let people get to know you is to write articles and publish them a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter.
Write the way you talk.
Be natural and authentic.
Now you don't have to let it all hang out but just be yourself.
(3) Use Your List to Train Write a series of "beginner" articles and put them up on your website then post links to them inside your newsletter.
Include these in every issue, so that anyone new to you either your list or to the program has easy access to this information.
Write once and train hundreds! (4) Use Your List to Mentor Being a mentor or teacher is not always easy.
But encourage your downline to email you for one-on-one help, if they need to.
Most people will never take you up on the service but the ones who do will always remember the help you gave them and react positively to you from then on.
If possible, share some the questions that crop in these private messages with the greater downline.
(5) Use Your List to Coach Sometimes, especially during uncertain economics times, people can become pessimist and lose hope.
Or they can become distracted with family problems or work issues.
When this happens and you notice that inbox is filling up with "woe is me" mail, you can get them back on track with a swift verbal kick in the rear.
(6) Use Your List to Cheerlead Everyone loves to be on a winning team, and your downline is no different.
Everytime someone makes a bit of splash, give them a big hurrah in your newsletter.
Rather is a $2.
00 sale or $200 sale, let people know that you noticed and that you care about their success.
When building a downline with relationships, you automatically create a "web of influence" a community of like-minded people who are loyal and who really want to work hard for good the entire downline!

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