How to Make an Empty Makeup Palette

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    • 1). Purchase a tackle box from a fishing supply store. Choose a box with multiple levels and divided drawers. The best design to protect makeup against spills or breakage is an upright case that opens from the top, rather than a series of drawers that pull or slide out from the front of the box.

    • 2). Measure the inside lid of the case and buy a mirror that will fit the dimensions.

    • 3). Attach the mirror to the inside of the case with mounting adhesive. Cover the mirror front with a piece of clear cellophane to protect the mirror from powder accumulation. It is easier to peel off the plastic wrap and replace it, than remove the mirror to clean it with glass cleaner.

    • 4). Organize your makeup and decide where to place each product. Apply a layer of rubber cement to the floor of the drawer or shelf where you plan to put each item.

    • 5). Cut lipsticks from containers and place in a stainless steel measuring spoon. Melt by holding the spoon over a candle and pour the lip gloss into a small tray compartment in the case. Apply to your lips with a makeup brush.

    • 6). Place a small flat-head screwdriver in the bottom of the case. When you need to remove or replace a product, pry it up with the screwdriver and press the new item to the rubber cement. Replace the cement as its adhesive bond weakens.


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