Setting Up a Site Or Blog For SEO

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A lot of people are eager to learn the process of setting up a site.
Be it a blog or a website, those who are new in the Internet scene would like to know how to go about this.
First of all, ask yourself, what is the site for? If it's for testing a market, the traffic source is most likely something purchased like a pay per click or banner traffic and the like.
What you would want to do here then is get these paid traffic as cheaply as possible.
One method is to employ the use of a blog for quality traffic.
There are a lot of services that are free wherein you can manage this.
Then there are blogs for organic SEO.
This usually entails a series of blogs and this requires a different process.
Firstly, you need to do some keyword research.
You need this to identify your niche, and which keywords are worth targeting.
A good strategy here is to think laterally and go after keyword traffic that may not be as obvious to people.
Something like, "dating service for computer programmers.
" The link between the two is not immediately obvious, however, psychologically, you know that it can mean one thing that is likely to be searched.
The thing about thinking laterally is that, if you target phrases or keywords that are the norm, what would make you stand out among the throngs of similar sites? However, with the lateral approach, you are going to stand out.
Another reason is that most likely, you have a main site where all your traffic will be landing.
And if you have any long tail material on that site, it is going to start ranking naturally in time for those terms you used.
Think of it this way, you are setting up a net of different terms, whose main purpose is to catch people searching for those terms.
The larger the net, the larger the haul.
So if you build more content with more keywords, that chances of you catching more traffic is increased.

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