How to Set Up AOL Email Addresses

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    • 1). Navigate to the AOL Mail website, and click "Sign Up for a Free Account."

    • 2). Enter your first and last name. This is the name that will appear on your outgoing messages.

    • 3). Enter the user name you want to use as your email address, and click "Check." If your desired user name is unavailable, select another.

    • 4). Enter your password twice, and click "Next." Select your date of birth and gender, and enter your ZIP code.

    • 5). Select a security question that you can answer in case you need to reset your password. If you have access to an alternate email account, enter that email address to provide an additional way to reset a forgotten password. Click "Next."

    • 6). Enter the security code, and click "Sign Up" to complete your registration. Print your account information, if you want, and click "OK" to load your new AOL inbox.


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