7 Simple Factors That Affect How You Write Articles

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New writers as well as experienced writers like myself are always looking for strategies, techniques, and shortcuts for becoming a better article writer and marketer.

It's no secret, that the better you write, the more credibility, visibility, and traffic you will generate to your website. Of course this is all directly related to your income. Good articles bring qualified traffic, and qualified prospects convert!

I see that a lot of my clients get stuck writing often or at all on their topic because of several pitfalls and roadblocks. Learn how they affect how you write and what you can do to avoid them once and for all...

1. Reading Emails Mindlessly

Mindless email browsing can stop you from writing productively. It is almost inevitable that once you log into your computer, that you are drawn to your inbox. I certainly am. In fact, I haven't been able to stop checking my email when I first get on the computer, but what I have had to do is time myself. I give myself 10 minutes to check emails, and another 5 minutes to answer any pressing support questions. That's it. Then I write. Anything else can wait until I've finished writing my articles for the day.

2. Beautiful Writing Environment

Some of us must have a clean and orderly desk and some of us write in total organized confusion. Guess what, there is no such thing as organized confusion. You simply have to get organized. You must. If your work area is cluttered, so are your thoughts, and so is your writing.

Make your writing environment beautiful and pleasing to you. I enjoy candles, plants, I have my degrees and certificates framed on my wall, I have pictures of my family up and other things around me that make me smile:)

3. Belief System About Writing

Consider what your belief system is around writing. Do you think that it's only for smart people? Do you think it's only for businesses folks? Do you think writing is an impossible task? You have to change your preconceived notions about writing if you ever want to actually enjoy writing.

This may be the biggest issue for many writers. If you think that you can't write, or are a bad writer, or have nothing to say - then that is your truth. But is that truly your reality? I doubt it. Writing like most things gets better with effort, practice, and confidence.

4. Lack Of Research

Make sure you research what the people in your niche want to read. When you write what people don't want to read, you don't get good results and that will directly impact how you "feel" about writing the next article.

5. Too Busy With Other Things In Your Biz

If you are doing everything in your business, that can greatly impact your writing. People often say how time consuming writing is. Well - that's because you are doing 25 other things in your business. Learn to outsource some of the mundane tasks in your business and in your life and use the extra time for strategic marketing such as writing articles and profit generating activities such as writing ebooks, infoproducts, etc.

6. What You Read

The best writers are people who read a lot. In their niche as well as in other subject areas. Read what your competitors write. Read what your mentors write. Read what people in totally different niches write. You will widen your vocabulary. You will broaden your knowledge base. You will find a rhythm of writing that resonates with you. It will make sitting down to write your own material that much easier because you have a frame of reference.

7. Not Celebrating Your Successes

When you write an article that gets approved in a directory, or commented on on your blog, or shared, or retreated - celebrate those successes. That means your content reached someone. Touched someone. And that is something to celebrate. You are officially an author!

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