How to Replace an HHR Head Lamp

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    • 1). Turn on the engine briefly. Turn the steering wheel in the direction opposite the headlight you wish to replace. As an example, if you will be replacing the left headlight, turn the wheel to the right. This gives you better access to the rear of the lamp assembly.

    • 2). Shut off the engine.

    • 3). Remove the three slotted hex-head screws securing the front of the wheel well liner, using either the screwdriver or the hand held socket tool. Set the screws aside so as not to lose them.

    • 4). Reach under the wheel liner and locate the head lamp wire and socket. The HHR front lamp assembly contains three individual lamps and sockets. The head lamp wire and socket will be the inner most of the three.

    • 5). Turn the head lamp socket one-quarter turn in a counterclockwise direction and remove it from the front lamp assembly.

    • 6). Pull the old bulb straight out of the lamp socket.

    • 7). Grasp the new bulb with the rag and push it into the lamp socket until your hear or feel it click into place. Briefly turn on the headlights and verify that the new bulb is glowing properly. Then shut the lights back off.

    • 8). Re-insert the lamp socket into the head lamp assembly and give it a quarter turn clockwise to lock it back into place.

    • 9). Reinstall the three screws you removed earlier, using the screwdriver or hex head tool.


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