Ebooks And Affiliate Marketing - Create Multiple Streams Of Online Income By Promoting Products

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Ebooks and affiliate marketing go very well together. In fact, the first eBook I ever wrote, back in 2006, was based on an affiliate program I wanted to promote. If you are using affiliate programs as part of your online revenue stream, writing and marketing an eBook will help to take you to the next level with your Internet business.

Find an affiliate program that compliments your niche. This means that the product or service should be something that makes sense to your prospects and will solve their problem and answer their questions.

You may have to do some research to find these type of affiliate programs, but if you put yourself in the shoes of your prospects you will figure out what they are looking for.

My eBook was about real estate marketing and taught real estate agents how to leverage the power of the Internet by marketing themselves online. My prospects and potential clients had questions about increasing their visibility online and using the Internet to find the exact clients they were looking for.

Their problem was that they did not know how to find these clients online. It made a lot of sense for me to promote a program on blogging for service professionals to them. This was complimentary to what I was teaching and sharing with them, so everyone was happy and able to utilize the material and information.

Write about the benefits of what you are recommending, instead of just the features. Features are what the product is, while the benefit are what it does to help them solve their problem.

For example, the blogging program had many features that were appealing only to someone who understood the importance of blogging for small business owners.

The benefits were that it would help them to be found by their prospects, no matter what city they currently lived in; that the media would be more likely to interview them about current real estate issues; and that they could have their clients' listings appear on page one of Google.

The benefits far outweighed the features to those who were reading my eBook. Keep that in mind while you are presenting your information in your writing and then bring in an affiliate product as the solution to the problem.

I also recommend purchasing a domain name for each product you will be promoting in your eBook. Using any of the shortening services may cause problems in the future. Sometimes those links break or cause various other problems that will not be good for your business.

By purchasing your own domain name and then forwarding it to your affiliate link, you can be assured of receiving all of your commissions in the future. Also, if a product you are promoting would suddenly no longer be available, you could replace it with a similar product and simply redirect your domain to the new affiliate link.

Another benefit to using your own domain for an affiliate product is that you would be able to write articles about the product or service and then submit them to the article directories for publication. The articles directories will not allow a raw or shortened link at the end of your article in the resource box, so you would already have what you need to promote the affiliate product in a multitude of ways.

The investment of about ten dollars a year to maintain the domain name would pay for itself the first time you make a sale

Learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing, choose products and services that best compliment the niche topic you are writing your eBook about, and then combine this information into a profit generating income stream that will build your online business for years to come.

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