Software Developers Can Now Make Money From Their Freeware And Shareware Programs

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That means that each time a user installs the related third party software program that was recommended during the installation of the freeware/shareware program, the software developer make money.

Third party software application bundling is a new method for making money online through the activity of packaging and re-distribution of third party software offers. Third party software application bundling allows affiliates to monetize their downloads traffic, by loading third party software packages into the initial download product at no cost, and each time a unique user downloads the product, the affiliate earns money per each installation done.

Before third party software bundling was introduced, a downloadable software affiliate would need to manually add each of the software packages to their download product (For example: a software update, a web browser toolbar, or an application patch component). The affiliate would then need to create a software update of its product, integrate that software update into his software installer package and distribute it to all of his product customers. Now days, with the introduction of third party software bundling, it is not necessary any more to spend time and effort with the integration activities and testing procedures. With Amonetize dynamic installer third party bundling option, affiliates and software developers can quickly integrate a new software product offering into their own download without having to waste any time in testing the pre-bundled packages. Amonetize third party application software bundling provides great money making opportunity, without the hassle. Amonetize publishers enjoy a nice increase in their revenue by easily promoting third party software content (like toolbars and other utilities software offerings), Amonetize PPI publishers also enjoy a reduction in operating costs by enabling their software company to easily add or update specific software components of the download installation package without the need to re-test or re-compile the entire software bundle again and again.

Amonetize’s PPI (Pay-per-Install program) is the easiest way to return some of the freeware or shareware software products development costs and make money from each and every installation of the software product, right away, when the software is installed.
Affiliate marketers can also join the amonetize software affiliate network. Amonetize allow affiliate marketers to promote amonetize’s high paying and top converting software applications affiliate offers and enjoy the fun of running highly profitable campaigns.
Amonetize advertisers enjoy distribution by high quality software affiliate marketers with large established distribution channels to promote their software offerings. Amonetize affiliate marketing network places its advertiser’s software offers in front of many thousands of end-users each day, around the world.

Amonetize installer technology makes sure its advertiser’s software will be bundled with matching complementary software application titles to ensure that the offered software is downloaded and installed by the users who most likely to become happy, loyal customers and advocates of the advertiser’s brand.

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