What Do I Do If My Sponsor Sucks?

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Great question right? I'm sure you've dealt with this situation if you've had any sort of tenure as a network marketer.
I mean you do all the research, you find a business that you think is a perfect fit for you, you do the research to find a great sponsor, and then when you think everything is matched up perfectly your jump in.
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==================== You get in and then you get very little support from your upline! You don't know what to do or where turn and you start to feel like you're in this thing all alone.
Well I'm going to tell you something that I'm guessing you've never heard before! You're lucky!!!! Why? Well as someone that was in a network marketing company with a great sponsor and in a network marketing company with virtually no sponsor I've seen things from both sides.
So let me explain .
When I started with network marketing I was sure to dot all my eyes and cross all my tees.
I found a good sponsor and what I thought to be a good system.
I did everything I was taught to do and seven a half months later I had no success.
My second run in network marketing I found a company I liked without regards to the sponsor and joined.
(In fact, I've never spoken to my sponsor once - I think he's somewhere in Asia.
) And now one year later I've got a thriving organization that grows by 10 to 15 people a day like clockwork without any direct upline support.
If we looked at the situation objectively based on my results the obviously conclusion would be that going in without a sponsor is the way to go.
Now I'm not going to say that is totally true, but .
Going into a business without a strong sponsor does have its advantages.
It forces you to go out into the world without expectations and without their system and figure it out for yourself.
You're forced into a leadership role.
You have to find what works for you and if you don't there's nothing to lean on, so it's really a do or die situation! You're forced to go to school and learn.
You have to buy books and information from those who have been more successful than you and then create your own system out of it.
You have to be independent.
If you have a good sponsor you can get lazy.
You can rely to heavily on their system and their promise of its effectiveness.
You have a scape goat for when it doesn't work! So when you don't get the success you thought you deserved from all your hard work it's NOT your fault, it's your sponsors fault, it's your companies fault.
(At least in your own mind.
) All I'm saying is if your going to be successful in network marketing your sponsor has little to do with it.
He or she can shorten your learning curve, but it's up to each and every one of use to define our path to success and become our own leader.

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