Can I Transfer Webinar Videos Into An Article?

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If you are one of those people, that like to create content, by either video, audio format or in written context, then you would probably like to know how you redo your work just once and have it used in different formats.
You are probably asking the question of whether you can take a webinar and transform that information into articles.
To answer this question maybe slightly difficult as a webinar is usually a recording that is about an hour long.
There maybe a fair bit of text that is introductory, and you may not be able to reproduce that into an article.
There maybe questions that you are answering from your audience, and transcribing it into an article, can be difficult.
So, instead of doing it this way, what other ways can you do it.
Instead of dictating a new article.
You should consider the points that you have covered in the webinar; the questions that you have answered, cover each of these questions and answers individually into articles.
You can do the article from the beginning or you may chose to have them transcribed.
If you have webinar that is in the form of a community, which means that you a conducting live classes and have students that view it regularly, you can suggest to your students to post the notes that they have in the members sections.
Another idea, is to have a blog where you display your webinar recordings, and during those recordings you can ask your students to leave their notes in the form of a comment, so that they are available to other viewers.
By doing this, you can use it as a draft to create your articles.
The articles that you want to create should be done by you, and those notes will be helpful, as these webinar are your recordings and above all you know the most about the topic and what you have discussed.
Getting someone else to write the articles for you from your webinar maybe a difficult task, as many of them wont be able to get the point of what you are trying to make.
As you have created the webinar and done research on the topic, you will have the knowledge that is needed to create those well informed articles.
However, you can always have them transcribe from what you have dictated your articles to be, as an alternative.
Finally, if you are going for the option of getting the webinar transcribed and then editing them into their own articles, you maybe wasting a lot of money and time, for the reasons that have already been explained.
To transcribe the webinar, you will also have to transcribe the dialog in between, all the introduction and any question and answer secession that you may have.
Creating the articles will be better off done, in a way that addresses each point, and summarizes what has been discussed in a more concise way.
The articles should cover the ideas that were presented in the webinar, not the entire webinar itself.
You can use the notes from your students as a starting point, and write the articles yourself and avoid transcribing the entire webiner.
Work from the ideas that you have created and then create interesting articles from that.

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