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Top Marketing Consultant Information:

Name:John Jantsch
Name of Company: Duct Tape Marketing

Tell Me About You and Your Background::

I started my own marketing consulting firm 25 years as a typical small agency doing small projects for big companies and even small projects for small companies.

How Did You Get Started as a Marketing Consultant?:

Right out of college I went to work for a large national advertising brand and determined after about 5 years that I wanted to do my own thing - I get bored easily so I needed to able to choose what I wanted to work on I guess.

How Long Have You Been a Consultant?:

25 years, but the last 10 have been totally focused on figuring our small business.

What Qualities Do You Feel Make You Stand Out as a Marketing Consultant?:

Curiosity is the big one I think - I love everything that's new, have a little knowledge about a great amount of things and seem to have a knack for breaking things into really practical steps.

What's a Typical Day for You?:

These days I do as much writing and speaking as true one to one consulting so each day usually starts with some amount of reading, filtering, sharing and writing. I spend the middle part of the day with customers and email and usually end the day by catching up on how the world has changed throughout the day.

What is Your Consulting Specialty?:

I would say it's my total focus on a small business marketing systems approach and the fact that I've been able to build an international brand around that simple, consistent position.

How Did You Define That Specialty?:

I think my focus came from being the customer - I am and always have been a small business owner myself and I really love working with that market.

The trick was to do it long enough that I could refine my own systems in a way that made this market profitable as well as fun.

What Challenges Do You Face and What Advice Do You Have For Others?:

Challenge:Caring more about a result than my client seems to.

Advice for those wanting to be a marketing consultant
Don't build a business, build an ecosystem. If you create a methodology that you can call your own, that's only step one. If you don't build speaking, writing, products and community around that methodology you'll always work for an hourly wage.

Tips for those in the marketing industry
Give all the information you can away for free - they'll pay for the brand and the experience you build.

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