How to Choose an Email Service Provider

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Many courses, websites and blogs give advice on email marketing but some assume you already have a mailing list.
The problem is, there are many people out there (possibly you) who haven't gotten around to starting a list yet.
Are you one of those who is still trying to decide HOW to get started and what program to use? If that's you, keep reading as I teach you learn the fundamentals of starting an email list.
One of the most important decisions you will make in building your email list is the ESP or Email Service Provider.
Your email service provider is the company you choose to host your email list.
Having a company host your mailing list provides you with many advantages.
The thing that stalls most people in their tracks is they don't really know what they should be looking for in an ESP.
Here is a list of recommended features: - High deliverability of emails - There's no point in building a list if your emails won't get delivered.
Make sure the program you choose has a very high deliverability rate.
- Both broadcast and autoresponder options - Broadcast is when you set up a message to be sent out immediately or at a certain day/time.
A broadcast is going to go out to your full email list.
Autoresponders are emails that are set up to be delivered automatically at certain intervals after someone signs up to your list.
As someone who uses email marketing, you want both options as they'll be useful to you in many ways while you work to reach your market.
- Top notch customer service - When you need help it should be there, period.
- Personalization of emails - Adding personalization to your emails is a great way to increase interest and conversions.
You can personalize emails with first name but you can also use functions like where they live, what hobbies they have or other categories to call out your prospects.
- Multiple email lists hosting - Some programs only allow you to host one email list.
You will likely want to keep separate email lists for different websites, topics or even to separate customers from potential customers.
- HTML and Text email creation - Some people, like me, prefer to send plain text emails while others like to add images and html code through an HTML email.
I recommend you choose a mailing list provider with both just in case.
- Easy and flexible sign up form creation - After you create your list, you need to get people to sign up and having a user-friendly signup form makes that much easier to do.
- Statistics tracking - If you're sending out emails without knowing the results then it's very difficult to be successful.
Proper tracking will allow you to see how many people opened your emails, how many clicked, how many signed up per day, etc.
- Templates - If your design skills are limited or non-existent, templates can be very helpful.
Some companies make it very quick and easy to get a professional email campaign going.
The best way to figure out if a program is the right one for you is to do your research first, then see if you can take a trial of the program.
Your email list is without a doubt one of the biggest assets you will ever have in your online business.
Take some time to set it up right and that initial investment of time and effort will pay of in multiples for years and years to come.

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