Location Insights App: Helps Explore the Best Places Hassle Free

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Finding where to hangout can be difficult. Location insights app, Trist, can help make this easier by getting you where you want to be.

Know Where the Party Is At

Sometimes, the most important decision you make over the weekend is where you are going to go. The amount of fun you can potentially have during the weekend is directly related to where you spend it. That being said, you do not want to waste your weekend at lousy bars or clubs. You want to know the good places! Luckily, the Trist app has just the information that you are looking for. In seconds, Trist can show you where the coolest places are to go around town and help keep your weekend top-notch.

Get Where You Need To Be

Once you have decided where you want to spend your weekend, the next concern becomes how you are going to get there. City roads can be confusing and bad directions can leave you lost without a plan. This is not fun or ideal for anyone. However, Trist can save the day yet again. The Trist app includes compass-enabled navigation that will get you from point A to point B without a worry. Photo-sharing features of Trist will also help you to recognize landmarks and areas that you haven't even been to before. Being lost is a problem of the past and you'll be able to find your way easier than ever.

Meet Similar People

The most intimidating part of going out is trying to meet new people. Just generating enough courage to talk to someone is difficult, not to mention the high possibility that it simply will not work out either way. There are just so many people in any given city that it is difficult to randomly find the ones you'll connect with. Trist can help to reduce the randomness of this process and help you meet other like-minded individuals. Using a unique algorithm, Trist can tell you what types of people will be at certain locations. For example, you can know that young people of certain lifestyles are hanging out in a specific bar. Going to that bar, you'll be more likely to meet someone who you can connect well with.

Stay on Top of the Trends

Now that you'll be able to go to the coolest places and meet the right people, you'll want to make sure you keep it that way. Trends, be it €cool€ or €uncool€, are constantly changing. Just because one bar was the place to be at one weekend, doesn't mean that it will be true for the next. It is important to keep track of these ever-changing trends. Fortunately, Trist uses in-the-moment trending and pre-trending data to keep you where you need to be.

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