How To Start A Website - 3 Simple Steps For Beginners

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Want to know how to start a website? Building your website isn't hard - despite all the confusing information out there.
If you're overwhelmed with all of your options - and sick of all the technical jargon, this article is for you.
We'll lay out 3 simple steps that beginners take to start their own website.
Step #1 Choose The Right Niche Choosing the topic or niche subject of your site is the foundation for your website's ultimate success.
If you are starting your own website based on your offline business, then this isn't as much a problem for you.
You already know the purpose and topic of your website - to promote your offline business.
But many people who want to start a website don't actually know what they want to talk about.
They may have a rough idea of topics like photography, dating, recipes etc.
But you have to narrow the focus a lot more to get the right niche that will be profitable for you.
Notice I said 'niche'.
I prefer that word because it describes exactly what you want your website to be about - a narrow, unique topic.
You don't want to talk about photography or diets or motorcycles.
These topics are way too broad - and you'll be going up against hundreds of thousands of other websites (if not millions).
What you want to choose is a niche topic that you can lend your own unique spin to.
So for example, instead of diets, why not talk about low carb diets or gluten-free diets? Instead of motorcycles, why not talk about Harley Davidson motorcycles - or Ducati? Or how about the best cruiser bikes for long trips? Instead of recipes, why not start a website on the world's best chocolate cake recipes? See how those are niches that are not too broad - but also not too narrow? So the right topic for you should be niche - but it should also have 2 other elements.
It should be something you are passionate about first of all.
Even if you don't know much about it, if you're willing to spend some time learning more, that's OK too.
Being passionate about your topic will keep you going - and it will make building your website a fun experience.
The second thing you need is a topic with a decent audience for it.
So for example, you can build a website on teaching dogs to do the polka - but really, is anyone looking for that? You might have a great interest in the North American Dung Beatle but that probably won't get you thousands of raving fans.
So try to find a topic that you think there will be a healthy market for.
Once you've chosen the right topic, now it's time for: Step #2 - Decide How You're Going To Monetize Your Website If you're just looking for how to start a website for your own creative expression - and you don't care about the money, then you can skip this step.
But for most of us, we want to profit from our website building efforts.
So now is the time to plan out how you're going to make money.
Why now instead of later? Because it will help you when you design your site.
It will give you more of an idea of how to lay out your pages and what you want to talk about.
There are a lot of ways to monetize your site - too many to go into in depth here.
But the most popular options are to sell advertising, sell affiliate products, sell your own products and sell referral services.
Of course, if you have an offline business, your website's main goal is to monetize by advertising your offline business.
But why not add an extra income stream on the side as well? So let's say you run an Italian bakery cafe.
Why not add to your revenue by selling an e-book with your favorite cookie recipes from your website? Or maybe you'll want to do a joint venture with the book store down the road and offer people a free 10% off book and coffee coupon? There are lots of things you can do - but if you know how you plan to make money with your site beforehand, it will be much easier to design your site and plan out which pages you want to include.
#3 Decide How To Build Your Site So now that you've chosen the right niche topic and mapped out how you're going to make money with your site, it's time to start building.
Now it's time to choose how you're going to build the site.
This again is a broad topic - but I'll try to simplify some of your best options here.
Most people buy web hosting first (web hosting houses your website and shows it to the world).
A good web hosting account will usually include 1 domain name, but you may want to buy more domain names through a separate domain name seller.
From there you can build your site using some kind of website building software.
You can get everything here from online drag-and-drop programs to offline WYSIWYG software.
Once you build your website you then upload it to the World Wide Web through your web host.
Another option that's popular is WordPress.
You can buy a web hosting account and then install WordPress (it's a free blogging software - that can also be used to build static websites as well).
You choose and install a template (which gives you the overall look and feel of your website) and then use the WordPress software to build in your content.
WordPress is popular because it's very easy to customize your site and add what are called 'plug-ins' that do everything from sell affiliate products to add in online ads to your site.
While this may seem a bit overwhelming at first, it's really not hard.
In fact a lot of website builders today are incredibly easy to use, you don't even need to know HTML.
So those are 3 simple steps on how to start a website.
Follow these steps and you're on your way to online business success!

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