Video Marketing Domination And Expertise In Your Niche

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There is no better media now than video marketing online.
Use the power of video to dominate your market and become an expert in your niche.
You have most likely noticed already how video is slowly killing text based media for some time.
And with the advances in technology now, the creation of videos and their distribution is well within the capacity of almost any internet user.
Not only books, newspapers and magazines, but also text only based websites are being overtaken as regards to online traffic, by the video-based websites owned by Google and other search engines.
With this in mind, it is very advantageous to use video in your marketing, simply because you are bound to generate much more traffic to your websites and therefore achieve more sales, and increase at the same time, your customer base, or list of subscribers, when your video content targets your audience for solving their needs and wants.
Use video effectively to bring traffic to your websites, generate leads to send viewers to your squeeze pages and to get higher search engine rankings.
Use it also to brand yourself and your company name, because search engines love videos and there is a very good chance that yours can be ranked in the first page in places like YouTube and Metacafe, especially when they are full of the content relevant to the niche you serve.
So, keep in mind the three main characteristics of video marketing.
Start by creating good quality videos, targeting your audience in a laser focused manner.
Submit them to the best video websites of the Internet and then promote them well of course.
Do not skip this last point or you will not achieve your desired results.
Learn to make your own videos and appear personally in them.
Be the star in them to brand yourself as an expert in your niche.
This is not very difficult to do, believe me, and even if you do not want to be in them for whatever reason, try at least to allow your voice to be heard in them, because this will make you more believable and consolidate you as the expert in your niche that you want to be.
Make the videos using a standard video camera and transfer them to your computer.
If not, use a webcam.
These methods are both called "live action" video methods.
The other way of making them is creating videos directly on your computer using slideshow format or screen recording.
Whenever possible, it is preferable to shoot live action video because viewers like them best, since they go viral much more easily than videos done on your computer directly.
To create videos on your computer, use software to achieve this.
Two of the most used software programs to achieve this are Power Point and Camtasia.
With the former you can create power slideshow style presentations from static images that you can add music to and export to video.
These videos are of a good quality and are done from a very simple process.
You can do the exact same thing with Camtasia or you can record the actions that you perform on your computer, called screen recording.
This is especially convenient if you want to create videos that show how to do things on the internet or with a computer.
Since either method is acceptable, just chose the one that is better suited to your niche.
Or, if all this is too much for you, just outsource your video production.
You will be able to find people to do videos for you showing someone doing screen recordings on how to make lots of graphic designs or how to submit a website to Yahoo.
On the other hand, you might not be able to find easily, someone to create videos showing people how to play piano or perfect their golf swing.
How much for video production? Well this can vary from $10 for a very simple slideshow-style video of 20-40 seconds up to several hundred dollars for a full-fledged, live-action video with actors and voice.
Now regarding video marketing, remember that getting videos with voiceover is what you want at the very least.
Because quality can vary significantly from producer to producer, don't forget to ask for samples before you order.
And don't pay more than 50% upfront in case the quality of the video is suspect and you do not like it.
And now that your videos are created, you need to get them submitted.
Clearly your videos were created based on one or several specific keywords.
This will help you get traffic to your videos both from the video-sharing sites you submit to, as well as the search engines.
In Google, when you do searches for videos on a specific keyword, you can see a relevant video from YouTube in the results.
That's why you want to base your videos on specific keywords, to rank high in the search engine pages.
Clearly, you want to submit videos to the top video sites and not just to YouTube to maximise your traffic.
And now comes the point of marketing your videos.
You need them to be doing something for you but in order to achieve this, you need to be subtle.
If you are too pushy in your videos, if you just promote and promote you are not going to have a great interest in them.
Be sure to place a link to your website in the sites that allow this.
These following steps are what you can do to market your videos more effectively: Say your URL both at the beginning and end of the video.
Add a link to your site in the description.
Make sure your URL is seen at the bottom of your video, in small text for the duration of the video.
Then finish with a few seconds of your URL in large text on a blank screen.
Of course, as marketers you do not want to forget a strong call to action.
You want to tell your viewers to do something specifically which is to visit your website for more great tips, for a free report or for a discount coupon.
You can also promote your videos by using them as video responses to already very popular videos about the keyword you are targeting, and agree or disagree with a point made in those videos.
This is a good way of getting a lot of traffic right away.
There are other great opportunities to promote your videos like social bookmarking.
Go to good social bookmarking sites to bookmark all your videos and get people to vote on them There are also forums in your niche, where you can place links to your newest video in your signature.
And if your standing in those forums is good, people will want to view your videos to see what they are about and thus increasing your traffic.
Finally, do not forget the social sites where you can get a lot of views, especially if you have a good following in them.
If you focus sufficiently in promoting your videos I am sure you will come to other ways of increasing promotion and to study the most effective methods that get you the greatest results, so keep leveraging what gives you more views and your video marketing will be very successful.
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