How to Download FLV Format Videos With Windows XP

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    • 1). Follow the link in Resources to download the .flv format player. This will enable your computer to download and play .flv formatted videos. A popup screen will appear in your web browser prompting you to choose an option for the software download.

    • 2). Click "Save" to install the software on your computer. The Windows Explorer "Save As" window will appear with software's properties and location information. Click "Save." When the download is complete, click "Open" to run the actual software. The software will load and prompt you to add files accordingly to use the .flv player.

    • 3). Highlight, drag and drop the .flv video file you want to view. Load it into the .flv video player. Right-click on the video to configure the visual options to your liking. These options will consist of visual, resizing and other editorial adjustments. Click "Play" to begin running the video. The video should play at the quality you have configured with your adjustment settings.

    • 4). To save the video to your hard drive, click "File" at the top of the menu bar and scroll down to "Save As." Save the file (under the file name you wish) in your "C:/User/My Documents/Videos" folder. This will ensure ease of access to your files. Click "Save" to retain the file.


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