How to Create Taillight Lenses

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    • 1). Open your vehicle's trunk to gain access to the bolts that fasten its taillights. Use a wrench to remove your taillights.

    • 2). Put your taillights on a table to make them easier to paint.

    • 3). Clean your taillights with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove excess sand and debris. This enables the paint to better stick to your taillights.

    • 4). Put masking tape on the parts of your taillights -- such as your turn signal -- that do not require paint. Use a blade to cut off the tape that remains.

    • 5). Apply two or three coats of paint to your lights. Allow the paint to settle on your lights for about 15 minutes before you proceed. After your lights no longer contain any wet paint, add two to three more coats of paint. Allow everything to dry for at least 24 hours before you put all of the parts back on your vehicle.


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