Confused: Windows Phone 7 or IOS or Android?

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The new Windows 7 phones available in the market are offering some exceptional features but are they enough to compete with Google's Android and Apple's iOS, let's find out.
The Google Android and iPhone devices have been in the market for quite some time now, which is the reason why they had enough time to improve their user interface and features.
We can say that they are already a step ahead of Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS.
But with the introduction of the all new Windows Phone 7 OS there might be a turn around in the events.
Microsoft had to compromise on many features in the Windows 7 Phone as they were building it from scratch, whereas those features are readily available on the smart phones that we are using.
Keep on reading for some of the great and not so great things about the Windows Phone 7.
Unique features of Windows Phone 7 There are some new features on the table with the Windows Mobile Phone like the home screen is rectangular tiles which are live as a mix of application icons and widgets, which is customizable unlike the no customizable start screen on iPhone, or widgets on the Andriod.
The bad thing is it gets quite messed up when a large number of applications are used and you end up scrolling over and over.
The Android gives you the option of live widgets of different sizes and shapes on your home screen and a clear display of what you want.
The iPhone No doubt stands as a looser when it comes to notifications in your home screen.
The Windows 7 Mobile combines different aspects of the OS into hubs: A mix between the screens and folders.
Each hub ( Pictures, People, Xbox Live, Office, Zune, and Marketplace) is integrated to third party and native applications.
For instance the Games hub is integrated to Xbox live and you can use the Office hub to edit and customize word documents and Excel.
It even allows to open MS Office SharePoint documents, but it will not allow you to create PPTs.
Neither Android nor iPhone provides features which can be compared with the hubs.
You need to open each application individually to perform the tasks.
Features absent from Windows Phone 7 The most common feature found in almost all the smartphones is the Copy/Paste, unfortunately Microsoft's New Mobile OS does not have this feature.
Even the Iphone did not have this functionality earlier but was released later as a software update.
Androib had this feature right from the start.
Next big thing which is not found in the Windows mobile is multitasking, which was present in Android from Day one and was introduced to iphone later.
Precisely, Windows Phones will not allow you to run third party apps in the Background, it keeps them on hold until you come back to the App.
Very few apps can still run in the background while specific features will persist.
For instance you can play music from Pandora while doing other tasks.
Another Feature which is absent in the Windows 7 cell phone is the adobe flash, HTML5 support or Silverlight in the browser.
Steve Jobs had condensed all possibilities of operating Flash on an iPhone, so Android becomes the only OS supporting Flash in the market.
Some more features which are not found in the Windows Phone 7 are:
  1. No Threaded e-mail.
  2. No Video calling.
  3. No Visual Voicemail.
  4. No universal search.
  5. No Twitter integration
  6. Alphabetical only App list organization
Now you can select the device that best suits your needs and go for it.

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