How to Reinstall a Window Regulator on a Mercedes

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    • 1). Pry off the door access panel with a screwdriver. Be gentle, as you will want to replace this panel later.

    • 2). Pry off the switch panel with a screw driver as well. If your car does not have a switch panel, ignore this step.

    • 3). Pull the switch panel out of the car's armrest and disconnect the electrical connector.

    • 4). Use a socket wrench to remove the door panel mounting bolts.

    • 5). Pull back the door panel, then peel back the plastic insulator.

    • 6). Insert the window regulator into the opening in the car door. Attach the electrical connection wire to the regulator by securing the safety clip located on the tip of the wire.

    • 7). Locate the screw holes on the window regulator. Use a screw driver to twist screws through these holes, securing the regulator to the car door.

    • 8). Replace the insulation and the door panel. Screw the door panel into place. Reconnect the the electrical connector to the switch panel and secure both the switch panel and the door access panel to the door.


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