How to Eliminate Car Trunk Noise

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    • 1). Locate the source of the noise within the trunk. One of the more common sources is the lug wrench or another object rattling around in the spare tire compartment.

    • 2). Wrap the object in question in a towel to provide a "cushion" for it. This may not stop the object from moving around, but will dampen the noise it makes.

    • 3). Rearrange objects stored in the trunk so they are not banging against one another. Avoid stacking hard objects on top of one another, and stack pillows or quilts on top of them.

    • 4). Clean the areas of the trunk where it meets the rest of the car body using all-purpose cleaner and a rag -- this includes the lid's underside and the drain valleys -- and apply urethane molding with a caulk gun in spots where the seal has deteriorated.

    • 5). Drive with caution when approaching obstacles such as speed bumps and potholes. The slower you drive over these hazards, the less objects will rattle in the trunk.


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