What is the Intel Celeron Dual Core?

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    Dual Ccore

    • Dual core processors combine two processing units, allowing them to work on two tasks simultaneously. The cores can share the load of multiple programs, or a single program can use multiple cores if it needs extra processing power.

    First Release

    • According to PC World, Intel released the first dual core Celeron processor in January 2008. Though Intel already made more-expensive dual core processors, the release of the dual core Celeron made multi-core processing available at a lower price.


    • Intel sold the first model of dual core Celeron for $53 each, according to PC World. As of July 2010, dual-core Celerons cost approximately $49 to $63, depending on the specific model.


    • Celeron processors are generally insufficient for most computer games, video editing and other intensive tasks, and will take longer to perform many jobs than higher-end processors. They are powerful enough for web browsing, email, word processing, watching videos and other basic tasks.


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