How to Beat the Cloister of Trials on Final Fantasy X

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    • 1). Enter the temple. Take the spheres from the wall to your right and the wall to your left, and place them in the two sphere slots on the door in front of you. The door will open and you can proceed.

    • 2). Take the spheres on the diagonal walls in the next room and place them both in the eastern wall, which should cause an area of the ceiling to glow. Grab the pedestal in this room and move it under the glowing area, which will charge the sphere on the pedestal.

    • 3). Remove the sphere from the pedestal and place it in the diagonal wall to your right. Run to the first room and take both spheres from the door that you opened in Step 1. Place these spheres in the pedestal, then run to the west side of the room and step on the shiny platform to reset the pedestal's position.

    • 4). Push the pedestal north and into the electrically-charged floor. You can now jump on the pedestal to get to the other side of the room. Once there, push the pedestal onto the eye in the center of the room. Return to the shiny panel from Step 3 to reset the pedestal's position.

    • 5). Remove the sphere from the diagonal wall on the right and place it in the wall on the left. Take the two spheres from the pedestal and place them back in their original positions in the first room. You can now access the elevator in the room.

    • 6). Take the elevator to the second floor. Examine all five pedestals on this floor to activate their electrical currents. Return to the first floor and examine the glowing white panel on the left wall, which will open a path to a destruction sphere. Return to the elevator with the sphere and place it in the new pedestal there, which opens a path to a treasure chest.

    • 7). Take the Magic Sphere from the chest, and then head up the stairs on the left side of the room. Once there, the Djose Cloister of Trials will be complete.


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