Fun Drawing Games

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    • Pictionary is a classic drawing game. To play Pictionary, split into two teams. Each team takes a turn to send one of its members up to draw. The player who's drawing must pick a card at random. Each card has a word or phrase on it, which the player has to draw a representation of. The rest of the team must guess what's on the card before the time runs out, by deciphering the drawing.

    Exquisite Corpse

    • Exquisite Corpse is a game invented by French surrealists to create collaborative art free from the limitations of the individual. It's also a quick and amusing game to play. You play in groups of three. The first person draws a person's head and shoulders on a piece of paper, without the others' seeing, and then folds that part of the paper over. The second person draws the torso and folds that, and the third person draws the legs and feet. Unfolding the whole drawing usually produces hilarious results. More seriously, the previously disparate parts now combine to form an "exquisite truth," Georgetown University says.

    Alphabet Landscape

    • This can be played in groups of any size. The first person draws something that begins with "a" on a piece of paper. She also has to hide the letter "a" somewhere in the picture. The next person does the same for "b," and so on, until you reach the end of the alphabet or run out of space. Then get someone who was not drawing to look at the picture and try to find all the hidden letters.

    Squiggle Pictures

    • This game is best played in pairs. One person draws a meaningless squiggle on a piece of paper, then hands it to the person he's playing with. His partner looks at the squiggle, from any angle, and tries to make sense of it. He must draw more lines and details to make the picture whatever he wants. Once he finishes, the players swap roles.


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