World of Warcraft - How to Catch the Rare Sea Turtle Mount in WoW

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Maybe you've seen one or two people on your server, sitting on a cool-looking Sea Turtle Mount? These mounts are rare.
It's the only mount gained by fishing and, although it will not increase your speed on land, it increases your speed at sea by 60%.
So, which waters do you have to fish to catch this prey? Theoretically, the Sea Turtle Mount can be fished and caught at any level.
Your character will need to have learned how to ride (riding skills 75) to use it, but the mount can be caught with as low a fishing skill as 1, which you can learn at level 5.
But even though you can catch and use this mount from level 20, it's a lot easier to obtain when your character is at least level 70.
You have the chance to catch it in all the schools of fish in Northrend.
Now, as you may know, Northrend is a high level area with mobs level 68 and up.
It's a risky area in which to travel, if you are below level 68.
It can be done, but only in very limited areas.
The pools of fish can spawn in any of the lakes and coasts.
If you are low level, you can find them near the harbor cities in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord.
But then you are limited to those two places, and you have to wait between pools of fish to re-spawn.
You can farm this mount by going from pool to pool, which is easier if you have learned the Find Fish ability.
But wouldn't this seem like utterly boring work? What I did was to catch fish in every school of fish that I passed, whilst doing quests in the area.
One day, I was questing in Venture Bay and, after I'd turned in the quests, I wanted to buy some new equipment with the tokens which I'd received as a reward.
Unfortunately, the opposite faction (the Horde in my case) had taken possession of Venture Bay, and while I was trying on my own to gain it back, I was killed.
It was on my way back to my body as a whisp when I saw a school of fish.
I moved as fast as I could, and the first thing I did after I resurrected was to get back to the spot again and throw out my line, as I always did whenever I located a pool in Northrend.
This time, to my big surprise, I caught the Sea Turtle Mount and received an achievement in the same split-second.

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