The Magnificent WoW Races

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The complicated World of Warcraft offers a real fun and excitement to every online games aficionado because of the unending battle between the two factions-the Alliance and the Horde.
The two factions are very hostile from each other.
Characters can only talk, group, create guild and befriend to the players coming from the same faction.
Before you enter the world and start engaging yourself in different quests, the first thing you should do is to pick your in-game character that will surely suit your personality.
WoW gamers turn to several Wow guides to gather some information about their chosen character.
There are ten playable races in the World of Warcraft.
If you have decided on what faction you will play, you should pick your race.
You can choose from the Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Draenei, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Undead, and Blood Elves.
Each race is unique from each other for possessing distinct traits and classes which help them to fulfill their goals in the world.
You know how powerful each race is.
But are you wondering the story behind each race is? This article will give you a short background of the famous races of both factions.
Reading this article will help you better understand the true goal of each race.
Draenei has survived from the destroyed world of Azeroth.
The Azeroth was destroyed by the Burning Legion by making it explode.
After a long year, the Draenei came back to have revenge with the Burning Legion and build their home once again.
They get their power from their courage and unshakeable faith in Light.
The Dwarves are known to be the allies of human.
They often stay in their mountain fortresses but are always ready to defend their friends whenever there is a call to battle.
When they have discover that the Titans have created them from the stone in ancient times, they did not stop to search for more proof of their enchanted origins as well as to discover the Titan's hidden legacy.
The dwarves have sent out their prospectors to all the part of the world with the hope of uncovering their past.
The gnomes are the cousin of the dwarves and also the friends of the human.
They are known for their ability in technology and engineering.
They provide the designs of majority of the dwarves' weapons.
They have served the Alliance for a long time but in the invasion of Burning Legion, they sudden withdraw their connection to their friends.
When their world has been destroyed, they stayed with dwarves and plan to take back their homeland.
The humans are the resilient survivors in the invasion of the Orcs.
After the second war, the Stormwind was rebuilt and the human civilization flourished again.
In the recent invasion of the Burning Legion, Stormwind was the last bastion and civilization of human.
The night elves are the first race to awaken in WoW.
They are immortal being and the first to learn magic spells.
When their homeland was shattered and drowned in the sea, they hide themselves from the rest of the world.
The blood elves are known to possess the arcane power but they have been lead to extinction by the Scourge.
The remaining elves banded themselves to reclaim their homeland.
The Orcs are known to be brutal and mindless.
They do not have any concern with the other races.
When the Burning Legion invasion begins, they have been used but they declare rebel ion from their demon masters.
Now they fight not to conquest but to survive in the world.
Tauren are big creatures.
They are powerful but they like to live a peaceful life.
They are good friend but also a bad enemy who is wiling to use all their power to smash their enemies.

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