The 3 Most Important Things to Put in Your Client Newsletter

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Writing and sending a regular e-newsletter is one of the most effective and cost effective marketing tools small businesses such as day spas, salons and medical spas can use to build their clientele.
Here are some critical things to include when sending out a mass e-mail to your existing or prospective customers.
A subject line that will increase the number of contacts that will actually open your email.
Having your business name in the subject line does increase the chances it will be opened.
Something as simple as "March Newsletter from [your business name]" communicates what is contained in your email.
I know it doesn't sound very creative and there is this desire to make it more exciting somehow with a promotion.
But having a cute or very marketing-ish subject line may in fact turn some people away from reading yet another email trying to sell them something.
Your email newsletter is not the place do major sales, it is the place to build your relationship with your clients.
Give your readers something of value.
And no, I'm not talking about a discount or coupon.
Something of value from you can be any number of things that do not suck the profitability out of your businesses.
And since your client newsletter is the place to build your relationships, it is the perfect place to give nuggets of information you freely give to clients that visit your business.
Examples can be short tips on how to copy the latest celebrity hair style, or skincare tips for a certain skin condition (dry skin during winter months; sunburn during summer months), or announce an educational seminar or charity event your business is sponsoring.
It can be anything that is genuinely a gift.
And if you must include a coupon, have it be a free upgrade or add-on service that they'd receive when paying for a full-price service.
This could be an extra masque, lip treatment, foot/hand massage...
keep it less than 15 minutes or something you can include in a service without increasing the service time.
Sign your name.
A picture of your or your business would help.
too, to connect with your contacts.
Although the email "From" can be from your generic business email address, having someone's name at the bottom of the email helps build that relationship with your client.
Consider when you may have received an email from a large company...
did you feel that they really cared about you? If you had a question, did you know who to call? The benefit of being a small business is that you have that one-on-one connection with your clients...
don't be afraid to flaunt this!

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