The Parts of an Electric Shaver - Must Know Facts Before You Buy That Electric Razor

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Before you start shopping for an electric shaver, it's important know exactly what you plan on buying.
An important first step for doing that is by familiarizing yourself with all the different razor parts.
Foil Foil electric razors have at least one foil running across the top.
The foil is a kind of metal net that is built to take in hairs for trimming as your run the electric razor across your face.
Razor Heads In rotary shavers, there are typically three circular heads in lieu of having one or two foils.
There are all typically arrange in a triangle and each one has its own spinning blade under it.
On some more advanced models, each rotary head pivots individually, allowing you to get the curves your face more easily.
Most manufacturers of these sorts of products sell Cutter Underneath either the razors heads or the foil, you will find the cutter, which actually does the dirty work of trimming your hair.
In the case of foil razors, the cutter rapidly vibrates from one side to another.
If you are use a rotary razor, they spin around to cut off the hair.
In either case, it's smart to replace these items fairly frequently in order to get the closest shave possible and ensure maximum comfort for your skin.
Trimmer Modern razor manufacturers actually attach an addition cutting device to their electric shavers.
This pop up trimmer is designed to help you do some touch up work after shaving, such as getting the areas that the electric razor might have missed or squaring off sideburns.
If you have facial hair, such as a goatee or a mustache, a trimmer on an electric shaver can be essential for smart grooming.
Charger The electric shaver has to get its power from somewhere, and that's where the charger comes in.
It is typically just a cord that plugs into the bottom and charges the internal battery, however some cheaper models actually requires disposable batteries and don't have a charger.
Docking Station If you are looking at some more advanced electric shavers, you have probably noticed that many units have a docking station in addition to or even instead of a charger.
In addition to charging your electric razor, these units also fully clean it out for next use.
This increases both the longevity of your electric razor while at the same time increasing performance.
Be aware that often you may have to purchase a replacement for the cleaning fluid in order to for these types of electric shaver to work at their best.

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