Winter Coat First

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It's a Sunday afternoon, Ann and her boy friend Max were walking in a shopping mall. Ann was hoping she could buy a winter jacket for the Spring Festival. They saw an L.L.Bean store and went in. Max told her L.L.Bean is a very famous brand and the products are of superior quality.

She found a winter jacket that attracted her at the first sight. It actually had two detachable jackets. You could wear both of them when it is really cold; and you could take one off if it gets warmer. Ann thought this was really convenient. The outside jacket was purple and the inside was blue --- her favorite colors. She instantly felt the warmth once she put the jacket on. Looking herself in the mirror, she felt that she turned into a fashionable girl. "You look very good in this jacket!" Max and the sales girl both said. She checked the price and found out this jacket cost 1700 yuan --- that's her one month pay! She took it off and left the store, with a little sadness. When they were leaving, Ann told Max that it was right that she did not buy that jacket. "That is too expensive for me." Ann was not sure if the idea of buying her that jacket ever cross Max's mind.

Valentine's Day came one month later. Ann did not receive any gift from Max. She was a little disappointed, but she would not be very happy even Max buy that jacket for her. Many women are like this. They expect men to buy expensive gifts for them, but they also feel bad that men spend too much money on them. It is indeed a paradox. Ann believed Max loves her even he does not buy her a lot of things.

Another Sunday, Ann and Max went to another shopping mall, and they found another L.L.Bean store. She was excited and told Max:"It is not a golden for winter jacket now, I think they will be much cheaper." She went into the store. To her surprise, the girl who served them last time was there. "Hi! We saw each other again! Your favorite jacket is still available!" That girl said to Ann loudly, with a big smile. "Yeah, I remember you. Do you work here?" Ann asked. "Yes, I work for two L.L.Bean stores." The girl took out the purple jacket and said:" I am sorry to tell you that the price is still the same." Ann saw the price on the label was still 1700. She was very disappointed. She left quickly, for she felt embarrassed.

Ann did not pay attention to the model number of that jacket. A year later, she earned enough money. She tried to find that jacket on the internet but failed. She felt regretted. Ann still does not buy expensive clothes. For her, that L.L.Bean jacket is the best one she has ever seen. Now she works very hard, trying to save more money. She said to herself: The most valuable thing is the thing that you do not have.

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