Crystal glass nail files

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Crystal glass nail files - a perfect nail care tool that will last you a life time. Only originall glass nail files from Mont Bleu can bring you all advantages of glass nail files.

Main features of crystal manicure nail files

Crystal nail file has a life long guarantee for an abrasive surface, which will never wear off. Crystal nail file is an ideal professional tool for nail care. When properly used, this crystal nail file will replace all other nail files.

Crystal Glass Nail Files

Hygiene – crystal nail file is impermeable, can be easily sterilized by usual methods, to prevent infections or fungus spreading. These features are particularly important, for professionals, who work in beauty salons, serving several clients a day.

Durability – multiple increasing of firmness, reached due to using technology of ion exchange. All chances are nil, that glass nail file will never break in everyday day use.

Longevity – glass nail file will last all life. You don't have to by second glass nail file, if you got one from us. This became possible due to special glass processing.

Safety – ends of glass nail file are sanded up by hand, to prevent cuttings. Due to specific features of Czech glass and it's processing, even if you break glass nail file you will never cut yourself, because all broken pieces will be big enough without bevels.  

Functionality – glass nail file can used as a present for yourself or for close one, at same time it is a professional tool for nail care, souvenir from foreign trips, promotional item for corporate actions, tool that coarse skin from your feet, or even nail care tool for your pet.

From Czech glass nail files.

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