Want to Lose Weight? - Forget Dieting

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If you are overweight and want to lose the excess body fat it is hard to know where to start.
Misleading information is widespread.
From magazines to television commercials to people everywhere putting their two cents worth in that have no business doing so.
When we take this misleading information and try and apply it the results are usually disappointing and unsuccessful to say the least.
Everywhere we see diets and diet programs that reduce calories often promising fast and dramatic weight loss.
But the key to successful, permanent weight loss is not about counting calories or fat grams, or one food from that column or two foods from that column.
It is about improving metabolism (your body's engine).
The key word here is improving.
Diets do the opposite and adversely alter your metabolism causing it to slow and burn less fuel.
These diets rarely address the most important aspect of metabolism and that is the amount of healthy muscle tissue that you have on your body.
This is your fat burning mechanism and where fat is burned for fuel (energy).
Many people who are overweight are under muscled and the problem lies here and should be addressed first.
If you have not being challenging your muscles with proper strengthening activity it is likely that you have lost some of your fat burning machinery.
And if you focus on recovering this lost muscle tissue you will be going in the right direction to losing the excess body fat that you desire.
The idea is to burn body fat off, not try and starve it off which is the exact opposite to what you really need to do and the exact opposite to what most diets will deliver.
Any wonder 95% of all diets fail.
You may lose a little weight at the start of any calorie restricted diet and some of it is fat, but muscle tissue and vital body fluids are lost as well.
This forces the body to enter into 'survival mode' slowing the metabolism in an effort to stop starvation.
And as we know, once the intense food cravings force us to start eating again the body quickly rebounds and stores as much fat as possible to counter any future attempts at starving it.
This is not a recipe for the strong, lean, shapely healthy that most of us desire.
And the only way to get this is to do it right.
Focus on getting your metabolic motor into the best possible shape with strength training exercise so it can burn more fuel every minute of the day and night.
The way to achieve this is with a proper strength training program to rebuild lost muscle tissue.
Get some help from a fitness professional so your program delivers the right results.
Your need to do more than simply perform the exercises, you need to perform them properly with the right level of intensity (degree of effort used) to get good results.
Your program should be changed and updated regularly and your progress monitored.
Anything less will produce disappointing results and time and effort is lost on ineffective training methods or exercises.
You also need to start eating properly so you have the energy and strength needed to support your exercise program if you really wish to make meaningful changes to your metabolism.
Don't be like at those other countless thousands of people spending billions of dollars on quick useless weight loss solutions every year that mostly cause more problems than they solve.
Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100, the key is to avoid the surplus of gimmicks, myths and quick fixes, and focus on sustainable changes that produce lasting and permanent results.
Your proper exercise program is the right place to start and will give you the fat loss you desire if done right.

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