Brilliant Bracelets for Every Day Wear

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Nothing sets your style better than a bracelet.
It's that extra piece of jewelry that shows you care about your appearance.
And while they are lovely, they can also take a beating as you use your arms throughout the day.
So you need to find bracelets that can reflect your style and also hold up to everyday wear.
And if you're going to wear them often, you need to find bracelets at a price you can afford.
Here are some brands and the bracelets they design that fit the bill: 925 Fusion In touch with the latest trends, 925 Fusion jewelry looks high end, but is quite affordable due to the way the company creates its individual pieces of jewelry.
Its bracelets are formed of 18 karat gold or platinum plating over sterling silver.
The result is an expensive look, but at a much lower price.
Because of the quality of the materials used in the jewelry, you will never look or feel like you're wearing anything less than the best.
The eight-inch diamond cut beaded flex bracelet is a stellar piece that you will want to wear every day.
This flexible, tubing style bracelet is available in three diamond cut finishes: black rhodium, 18 karat yellow gold or 18 karat rose gold - all plated over sterling silver.
And the plating is a luscious 40 mm thick.
The bracelet secures with a magnetic clasp.
It is made in Italy.
Dazzling is the only way to describe the 925 Fusion four-row Byzantine bracelet.
Four lengths of Byzantine chain are linked together to form one rich bracelet.
Each link is 18 karat gold plated over sterling silver.
It comes in 7½-inch or 8-inch lengths.
It too is secured by a powerful magnetic clasp.
Belita You will know a Belita bracelet by its fabulous sparkles, created by the fine simulated Brilliante diamonds.
The "Platinum Embraced" collection is actually platinum plated over sterling silver.
Combine that finish with Brilliante diamonds and you have the making of some beautiful jewelry.
The 6¾- or 7½-inch Wave Cuff Bracelet is a good example of the beautiful jewelry Belita creates.
This modern translation of the classic cuff bracelet includes 309 round cut, 1.
25 to 2.
00 mm Brilliante simulated diamonds in a pave setting.
The wave design of the bracelet keeps the piece shimmering.
The total Brilliante weight is approximately 12.
57 carats.
The Channel Set Tennis Bracelet is a classic design interpreted by Belita.
It is a single length of princess cut 3 mm Brilliante simulated diamonds in channel settings.
It comes in 6½-, 7¼- and 8-inch lengths, with the number of simulated diamonds varying by length.
The 6½-inch length has a total of 51 stones; the 7¼-inch length and 8-inch length both have 61 stones.
The bracelet fastens with a slide insert clasp and safety catch.
Design Studio Silver from Bali The design of these pieces is inspired by nature and world history.
You will find in this collection intricate carvings, rich semi-precious gems and luxurious sterling silver.
The bracelets in this collection are perfect if you're looking for jewelry with more of a world view on life.
The Butterfly Cuff Bracelet, measuring 6½ inches around, is made of oxidized sterling silver.
It is embossed with two butterflies in the center, with an embossed circular border on both edges.
The minimum weight is approximately 40.
8 grams of sterling silver.
If you like jewels set in oxidized sterling silver, you will love this 8-inch multi gemstone bracelet.
It includes an abundance of gemstones, including: one rectangle 14 x 7mm yellow quartz one rectangle 10 x 5mm amethyst one oval 16 x 8mm amethyst one cushion 10 x 10mm citrine one square 4 x 4mm peridot one round 3 x 3mm citrine one pear cut 14 x 10mm blue topaz one triangle 8 x 8mm citrine one round cut 8 x 8mm peridot The total quartz weight is 4.
50 carat, the total amethyst weight is 6.
19 carats, the total citrine weight is 4.
83 carats, the total peridot weight is 2.
30 carats and the total topaz weight is 3.
10 carats.
The oxidized silver is accented with 18 karat yellow gold.
It measures 8 inches long and it fastens with a toggle clasp.
Ed Hardy Even tattoo-artist Ed Hardy has laid down his pallet of colors and tried his hand at working in metal.
His 7½-inch, stainless steel charm bracelet features just one charm of color: a round cut, 6 mm red simulated diamond in a bezel setting for a spark of color among the other seven stainless steel charms.
The other charms are typical of Ed Hardy styles.
They are fashioned into a key, skull, heart, lock and the famous Ed Hardy signature.
Adding a bracelet to your look is a great idea.
With the affordable designs highlighted here, you can have brilliant style at an affordable price.

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