How to Do Water Aerobics at Home

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    • 1). Talk to the family doctor before starting any water aerobics at home. This is especially important for anyone who has pain problems, a weak heart or takes medications. Ask a doctor about the exercises and determine an appropriate plan for personal health and minimized risks when starting out.

    • 2). Stand in waist-deep water. For many pools, the shallow end is usually about waist deep for most individuals. Any other water source is appropriate as well, as long as the water reaches the waist. As the body warms up, the water needs to reach up to about chest height.

    • 3). Warm up the body. Start with a simple walk in place. Lift the legs up and down like you are marching for a more intense workout. Always start the exercise slowly and work up from there.

    • 4). Move to stand in chest-deep water. Run or jog in place. Once the body has warmed up, running or jogging will get the heart rate going. Run or jog for a few minutes until the body is warm and perspiring or until breathing becomes ragged. Try starting with about 10 minutes a day and work up to 30 or 40 minutes a day. Slow down to a walk gradually.

    • 5). Kick and punch in the water like kick-boxing as preferred. Walking, running and jogging are sufficient for a workout, but adding kicks, punches, yoga for stretches or any other exercises can improve strength and flexibility, as well as burn calories.


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