I"m Looking For a Home-Based Business! Are There Any That are As Good As They Advertise?

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I was having a conversation with a friend, Mark, a few months back, about home based businesses.
He asked, "are there any that is really as good as they are advertised?" And I told him that there was only one real good company out there and yes, many companies love to get passionate about the incomes and get you hooked based upon that and only one will help him make the money he wants.
Mark was very interested in what I had to say.
He knew that I help people in many of the network marketing companies, so he knew he could trust me to tell him what the best company was.
I then said to Mark, "what is it that you are most passionate about?" I asked him if he could list things that were important to him and where he had needs in his life.
He said, "Well, I am behind on my bills and I just want a company that can make me money.
" I said, "That is great", because many of the companies can help him make money.
He said "Scott, I want to have the company to make the most money.
" I said "Yes, I know the exact one.
" But besides money, if I talked to his wife and a best friend of his, what would they tell me you really wanted or needed? He looked at me and he said that his best friend would tell me he needed a vacation because he was very stressed.
He laughed about it and said he would think that it was so that his friend and him could get away and go golfing.
He said his wife would probably tell me that it would be about his health.
He was recently prescribed with high blood pressure medicine and he said he could lose a few pounds.
He said he would have less stress and it may help his blood pressure if he just had more money.
I asked him, if he had more money, what would that ultimately give him? He said he could get into the gym, and maybe take a vacation.
His blood pressure may become lower and would expect to lose weight.
Now, by this time in our conversation, his friend Mary came up to us and after some small talk Mary had asked Mark how he knew me.
He told her that I taught network marketers how to build businesses, and he was getting the scoop from me about the best business.
Mary said she wanted to know about it too.
Mary was in great shape and had a baby boy 5 years old.
She said she was recently divorced and needed to find a job since her only income walked out the door and now she had to care for her little one.
I asked Mary what she liked to do, and she said she loved peace and meditation times.
I said awesome, the best company could help her.
Now at this point, Mark said well he wants to get into that company.
Mark said that maybe Mary and he could work together in the perfect company.
At this point, I told Mark that the perfect company that Mary would be in would not be the one for him.
He was confused.
I told him that they were very different, and had different wants and needs.
I told him the perfect company for him was not the perfect company for Mary.
I said if I recommended to him the company for Mary, he would be unhappy and felt I misled him, and Mary would think the same.
I told them both, the perfect company for you should not be based upon what someone tells you that you can make with the company.
I said it needs to match up with your needs, wants and desires and things that bring you a lot of passion.
For Mark, it was more wrapped around health related issues, where Mary wanted products that could give her peace.
I gave them a list of companies each, and I said, find someone who can get you the products and try them out for 2 months.
Then, if you like them and really if you love the product and the results, then that would be the perfect company for them.
If the products did not meet expectations, for them to start with the company, would be like fitting someone in a size 10 shoe into a size 5.
I am happy to report that both Mary and Mark have their own home business and I work with them to build their businesses and they are very successful.
Both say their business is the perfect business.
But it was because it was meant for them.
It is not the company that made it the perfect business for the income side, it is because of what they have done.

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