Myths Sabotaging Weight Loss and Fat Burning

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If you are on a diet or weight loss program or an exercise program and do not understand why you are not losing as much weight as you think you should have lost by now, this article discusses common myths sabotaging weight loss and fat burning.
You may have even bought into some of them yourself which is why your weight loss program is not working because the myths are counter productive.
The myth that low fat diets work
Truth: It has been found that most people that purchase so called low fat foods thinking that they will lose fat fast do not lose this weight because aside from these foods being expensive, the individuals usually end up eating much more of these foods thinking that this is fine because it is low fat.
They do not realize that they only end up losing control as they eat more and more which only leads to weight gain.
These diets are also not recommended because the body still needs certain fats in order to function properly as well as being essential for healthy diets and healthy weight loss.
The myth that low calorie diets work
Truth: Starving yourself or skipping meals is not conducive to maintaining a healthy diet and losing weight.
It should never be part of any diet program or diet plan in order to lose weight fast.
By starving yourself, you will only end up slowing your metabolism.
The faster your metabolism, the more you shall burn fat lose weigh fast even as you sleep.
When you starve yourself, your body goes into hunger mode and adjusts itself so that you do not burn as many calories.
Prolonged starvation will only cause your body to hold onto fat energy since the body shall be in survival mode and not fat burning mode.
You need to do everything you can to increase your metabolism and not slow it down.
Eating five to six small meals a day is one way to increase your metabolism and cause you to lose weight and also lose belly fat which may be a significant problem for you.
If you eat fewer calories, you will only end up feeling hungry most of the day.
Most of us do not have the insane self control that is required to maintain this hunger strike for more than a day nor should we have this kind of self control.
We usually end up binge eating when the hunger strikes and lasts for prolonged periods of time.
If fat burning is a goal, make sure that you do not starve yourself or skip meals.
The myth that low carb diets work
Truth: Your body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates that it converts into energy on a daily basis.
Carbohydrates are needed more than any other food group by the body.
If you restrict the body's access to carbohydrates, this only leads to you feeling miserable because you do not have energy.
Healthy diets make you feel empowered while providing your body with all the nutrients that the body needs for self sustenance.
Low carb diets only lead to you feeling drained and unable to accomplish your daily responsibilities and activities.
Run from any diet program that encourages you to restrict or eliminate a certain food group.

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