Tips before joining any martial arts classes

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If you are planning to join a martial arts class may it be Taekwondo, Karate, Wing Chun or Kung Fu Lessons, read this article first. The following tips might help you in your decision making.

1.Check the school's facilities. If you are just relying on Google to look for a Martial Arts Center near you, you might get persuaded by the marketing ploy of these schools. Some schools have good looking website but when you check out the facilities, it's not definitely what you imagine. The school really sucks. Facilities are very important. The centre should have big training floors, waiting room (especially for parents waiting for their kids), the lighting and ventilation is okay, and comfort rooms are clean, there are training weapons and training equipment. If you are just around Crawley, check out Kung Fu Schools.

2.Check out the trainers credentials. If you want to be trained properly look for a kung fu trainer with good credentials. Two of the well-known kung fu trainer in UK is Sifu Paul Hawkes and Sifu Alan Paterson. These two Sifu have their own teams that handle different classes. Their teachers are very friendly and approachable.

3.Check out the lessons they are offering. If you want to enrol your kids in a Kids Martial Arts Classes, make sure they are grouped accordingly. Usually they are grouped from age 4-6 years old, 7-11 and then age 12 above. Each school has a different age groupings but what's important is they grouped them by ages so that the younger kids will not feel intimidated to bigger kids. There are mixed group for Adults Martial Arts Classes but there are also a for women's class.

4.Check if the school is accessible. The more accessible the place the better. If you are going to bring your car, check also if there is a safe parking area and big enough to accommodate all of you.

If you are not yet sure what school to choose, don't sign up yet. Better yet, try those schools offering free classes, in this way, you can gauge whether you will want to stay longer in that school or not. You can also ask your friends or other people in those free classes about their opinion on that school. It's important to find a school where you will feel comfortable and you will have fun with the classes.


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