Does He Really Love Me?

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How do you really know the truth? Is he just playing games or does he really love me? Believe it or not, there are ways to tell if he is just telling you what you want to hear or if he really means it.
Pay attention to some small details and you will know if it is the real deal or not.
It is a very rare case when a man will put out totally negative signs about how he feels about a woman when they are out.
However, it is more about the little things that he does than anything else.
For instance, when you are standing right next to him, does he hold your hand or out his arm around you? Does he keep an eye on you, and not in a bad way? More of a protective glance than "What is she up to now?" Or is he totally unaware of your existence? I think you can figure out what is good and what is bad here.
Being home alone is always an easy tell.
If he is constantly berating your or arguing with you, he has lost interest and it is time to call it quits, especially if he is putting up a huge front when you are out with friends.
The same loving guy should be at home that is out with friends.
How is he in bed? Is that fire still there or do you feel like he is going through the motions? A man who truly loves you will always find you sexy an always want you.
Everyone falls into a rut every now and then, but if you are making love to a cold machine, the magic is gone.
If you really want to know if he loves you, look at his face when you enter the room.
If he loves you, it will light up like a Christmas tree every time you walk in.
There is no one else there as far as he is concerned and a smile will hit his face and his day just gets brighter.
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