Polish Apples in Puff Pastry Recipe - Ciastko Francuskie z Jablkiem

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Apples baked in puff pastry are popular throughout the world. In Polish the dessert is known as ciastko francuskie z jabłkiem (CHAHSST-koh frahn-SOOS-kyeh z yhah-BOO-kyem) where the puff pastry is known simply as ciastko francuskie or "French dough." These days, frozen puff pastry makes this a breeze to bring together. If you're ambitious, you can make your own using this Blitz Puff Pastry Recipe.

Instead of wrapping an entire apple in a square of pastry, I use half an apple sandwiched between two circles of pastry. I like the way it looks. Serve this with vanilla or cinnamon ice cream or Easy Vanilla Custard Sauce. If you have any leftover puff pastry, use it to make twists sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar or cheese straws.

This dessert can become seasonal by substituting plums, or peeled peaches or pears for the apples. You can make a smaller amount by using only one sheet of puff pastry. Here is a larger photo of Polish Apples in Puff Pastry.

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