How to Reinstall a Copy of Hal.dll

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    • 1). Place your Windows installation disk into your CD tray and select "Restart" from your system menu to reboot the computer. Your computer will restart and pause to display the available boot options.

    • 2). Press any key when you see the boot options message. The Windows setup files will load.

    • 3). Select the repair option to enter the recovery console. There you will see a choice of your operating systems. Choose your operating system. This will usually be your current Windows installation.

    • 4). Logon to the "administrator" account and enter the appropriate password to bring up the command prompt. You will now be able to enter commands.

    • 5). Type the following command:
      expand X:\i386\hal.dl_ Y:\windows\system32\hal.dll
      Replace X with the drive letter of your CD drive and Y with the location of your windows folder. In most cases, that letter will be C (your default Windows installation drive). This action will extract the hal.dll file from the CD and copy it to your Windows folder. If you are prompted to overwrite that file, choose "yes."

    • 6). Type "Exit" to shutdown the command prompt.

    • 7). Remove the CD and reboot your computer. Windows will now use a fresh copy of the Hal.dll.


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