How to Save SimAnimals on the Wii

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    • 1). Start a new game from the main menu of SimAnimals. Use your Wii remote to point at the screen and press "A" over the "New Game" option.

    • 2). Press the "2" button on your Wii remote during game play to pause and bring up the game menu. This menu includes the Save option.

    • 3). Highlight the "Save" button and press "A." The button features the image of a pack of squirrels. Press "A" again to confirm the save.

    • 4). Wait until "SimAnimals" is finished saving to your Wii system memory. If you turn the power off during a save, you can corrupt the data.

    • 5). Press "2" to return to the game. You can now quit the game, and when you restart you will begin from the time you saved.


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