How to Write Ad Copy on the Internet

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Once you get started on Internet Marketing, you may find yourself wondering just how to word your ads and how to write your content so that it's compelling for your readers.
How do you make them want to buy what you're selling? Give them the irresistible urge to sign up for your list? First of all, you have to understand that a great many Internet Marketers go way overboard in their marketing strategies.
They promise you the universe-and beyond-but rarely, if ever, can they deliver on those promises.
You've probably all seen websites that declare their owner to be THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE SECRET.
The one, the only and they're about to share it with you! Does this make you feel special? Sure it does, it's supposed to make you feel that way so you'll click on the 'buy it now' button in order to get your hands on that huge secret that will once and for all put the ability to make millions off the Internet right at your fingertips.
You may have clicked on such a button and given your hard-earned money to the person with The Secret.
Then you got The Secret, and guess what? It wasn't a secret at all.
In fact it was some tired, rehashed, rewritten, regurgitated piece of advice on how to do something you already knew how to do.
It probably wasn't the best feeling once you discovered that you'd paid good money for old information.
So why did you fork over your money? You did it because the ad copy made you want to give your money away.
The person writing the content was so good, that you might even buy something else from him if you came across another site that he's written.
To write great ad copy, you have to do the following: ·Catch their attention.
Your headline or picture or banner should grab them and not let go.
Pairing a compelling picture with an equally compelling headline that compliments it.
Now that you've got it because of your headline and picture, they're going to be intrigued and want to read on.
This is excellent so far.
·Make them want what you've got.
Tell them you can solve their problems, show them testimonials of those who have purchased your product and have loved it.
·Call to action.
Tell them they should purchase now and tell them why.
Perhaps the price is going to go up soon, or that it's a limited time offer and if they don't act now it won't be there when they want it later.
Show them how simple it is to order.
Writing gripping ad copy has a bit of psychology mixed in with it, because you're basically figuring out what the customer wants to hear and you're giving it to them.
This requires that you have an understanding of your potential clients' needs and even fears.
If you can put all of these elements together, you're going to be writing some killer ad copy for your internet marketing ventures.

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