SUV Insurance Rates - Why They Are So High And Steps To Lower Yours

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When you buy a sport utility vehicle, you think of power, ruggedness and the ability to take your vehicle off-road and virtually do the impossible.
What does NOT usually occur to you is what you might have to pay as insurance rates for such features.
Painfully, most SUV owners pay a lot more than they would if they knew a few things.
We'll explore why these vehicles cost a lot more to insure and what you can do to pay a lot less...
What you pay for any form of insurance is directly proportional to the risk your insurer perceives in you.
That is, if an insurer thinks you'll cost them 50% more than profile X, your rates would be at least 50% more than that of profile X.
So let's see in which ways sport utility vehicles pose a bigger risk to insurers before we go into ways to reduce that risk...
These vehicles do a lot more damage when involved in accidents than cars.
Because of their build, ruggedness and design they do more damage to other vehicles.
These also applies to passengers involved in such accidents.
Sport utility vehicles are NOT as safe as cars.
They have a high center of gravity and are thus more likely to somersault.
They usually cost a lot more to repair.
Because of their trendy nature, thieves seem to prefer them.
This means that they are more likely to be stolen than other vehicles.
So what can you do to reduce your rates? 1.
Raise your deductible.
Do NOT make claims on little stuff.
This should entitle you to a No Claims Bonus with time.
Maintain an excellent credit rating.
Make sure your SUV is always parked in a garage.
Make sure you have all the recommended safety equipment.
Even among SUV's, some cost a lot more to insure than others.
So check before you pay for your vehicle.
Make sure you maintain an excellent driving record.
If you have other vehicles, try insuring this one with the same insurer.
However, although this would get you a multi-vehicle discount, it's been proven that you might actually save more by opting for an entirely different insurer.
So you'll do well to compare offers from other insurers before you settle with your present insurer.
If you're married, insure this vehicle in your wife's name and be named as the secondary driver.
Women get better auto insurance rates than men.
Get and compare quotes from as many insurance companies as you can.
Each insurance company has its own loss history, underwriting experience and expertise.
Don't be surprised to find an insurer that will save you over $1,000 in premium dollars.

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