What Is Dislocation?

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    • The most easily recognizable symptom of a dislocated joint is intense pain at the injured joint when you try to move it. You may also notice swelling and discoloration. The joint may also appear deformed.


    • It can be difficult to tell the difference between a joint location and a broken bone. If you suspect either, do not try to treat it or move it yourself. Instead, get medical help immediately.


    • Joint dislocations typically occur after a fall or some other type of trauma.


    • Your doctor will manipulate your bones back into their rightful places. If your injury is severe and you are experiencing a lot of pain, you may need local or general anesthesia while this is being performed. If your injury is very severe, you may need surgery.


    • You'll likely need a splint or a sling for a few weeks following your treatment. This is to immobilize the joint and allow it to heal. You may also need physical therapy to help recover your mobility.


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