3 Common Mistakes Made When Playing Video Poker

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Were all human, this is what the casinos count on.
If you change just a few things, you have a better chance of winning at video poker.
Part of the battle is doing little things that most other people won't lets look at three things you can change today.
If you play video poker at the casino or online, most of the following things apply.
  1. Emotions - Do yourself a favor, check your emotions at the front door.
    Besides the Hugh odds the casinos have in the game of video poker, they increase their winning ways by using your emotions against you.
    How many times have you thought you were close to a big hit? But it never happened, what did happen is you lost even more money than you intended.
  2. Playing Time - Another hook you must be aware of is how this game can suck you in.
    Playing past an hour or two increases your error rate.
    It's just human that you will make more mistakes as you get tired, the casinos know this, keeping you playing is their mission.
  3. Limit Losses - The casinos want you to think of money as "play money", that's why they use chips at the tables.
    They want you to lose track of the value of money, this way you spend more and try to beat the video poker machine.
    This is a common trap that costs players millions each year, don't fall for it.
These are just a few things to be aware of, thing that you can change to increase your chances of winning at video poker.
As you can see, a lot of it pertains to the way you play not what you play.
The casinos only parade the facts in front of you that draws you to play the game, what they don't tell you is where you'll have a big edge over the average player.
To get more insight about what they don't tell you.

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