DIY: Make a Front Shin Device

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    • 1). Measure the circumference of your lower leg at the smallest part above the calf and again at the smallest part above the ankle to determine the lengths of strap you will need.

    • 2). Measure the circumference of your lower leg at the thickest point of the calf.

    • 3). Measure the length of your shin, from below the knee to above the ankle.

    • 4). Select a piece of leather that suits your particular need. Also, select strap leather and two buckles with fixed center posts, which are called Conway buckles.

    • 5). Position the leather piece on the cutting board. Use a pocket knife or leather knife to cut the leather to the length of your shin. Make the width of this piece three-fourths of the circumference of your leg measured at the thickest part of the calf.

    • 6). Hold the leather piece on your shin and mark a line down both sides where you want to cut this piece so that it fits you well. Then make the cuts.

    • 7). Hold the leather piece to your leg again to determine the best angles for four slits for the straps, which will hold the device in place. Mark the slits near the top and bottom of the shin guard.

    • 8). Cut the slits with the knife. Then punch holes at the end of each slit with the leather punch to round the ends of each cut and prevent the leather from tearing.

    • 9). Cut two straps long enough to go over the shin device, through the slits and fasten. Punch a centered hole near one end of each strap. Attach one of the buckles by threading the punched end from the underside of the buckle, up and over the post and back down under the other end of the buckle. Position the strap so that the post comes up through the hole you punched. Punch five centered holes in the other end of the strap approximately one-half inch apart.

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      With the strap fastener resting on the outside of the shin device near its wider end, push the strap end through one slit. Do the same for the strap that holds the device in place near the ankle.

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      Soak the leather in water for a few minutes if your shin protector is made of thick leather. Then hold the shin protector in place. Fasten the upper strap first. Bring the loose end of the strap around the back of your leg and through the unused slit. Feed the strap through the nearest underside of the buckle and over the first strap end, up and over the post and back down under the buckle's opposite end. Follow the same procedure for the lower strap.

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      Wear the fastened shin protector until it dries, pressing it against your shin wherever you would like a close fit.


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