Flashback: The 100 Best Rap Songs of 2007

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70. Outlawz feat. Young Buck & Dion - Drivin' Down the Freeay

Aided by Hi-Tek's boardsmanship and Dion's inspiring chorus, Young Buck and Outlawz invent a new genre: hardcorerapsoulnica.More »

69. Chamillionaire feat. Slick Rick - Hip-Hop Police

Master storyteller Slick Rick assists in this witty narrative about the "hip-hop police," a fictional law enforcement unit that arrests artists solely on account of obscene lyrics.More »

68. 50 Cent - I Get Money

50 Cent brags about being stanky rich on this sky-scrapingly great banger. It's a bright spot on theotherwise mediocreCurtis. Buy from Amazon »

67. Skyzoo feat. Torae - Click

You don't have to be a Jay-Z to get a beat from the legendary DJ Premier, just Jay-Z good. And Skyzoo lives up to expectation here.

66. Hi-Tek feat Ghostface & Raekwon - My Piano

Other hip-hoppers brag about their wallets and their guns. Hi-Tek brags about his piano, and still sounds amazing.Buy from Amazon »

65. Lupe Fiasco feat. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear - Hi-Definition

Hey, care for some gangsta with that plate of conscious? Pure proof that we can all get along.Buy from Amazon »

64. Talib Kweli - Hot Thing

Kweli has a massive grip on the ingredients necessary for the ultimate girl song: stark honesty, beautiful lyrics, and will.i.am on the boards.Buy from Amazon »

63. Redman - Gimme One

Red Gone Wildwasn't exactly a classic, but it still had some sweepingly awesome tracks, including this one.Buy from Amazon »

62. Blu & Exile - Dancing in the Rain

Backed by Exile's jazzy piano riffs, Blu gives his tongue a lyrical workout while his brain works overtime.Buy from Amazon »

61. Wyclef ft. Lil Wayne, Akon, & Niia Bertino - Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)

Clef delivers a stunning comeback hit in the form of a save-a-stripper campaign.Buy from Amazon »

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