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Using the web for business can be an incredibly powerful tool both for newcomers into business, and also existing businesses for making money and increasing your business turnover and profits.
For anyone who would like to use the web for business there are endless opportunities to build a customer base and increase your profits by using free advertising.
There are many ways to do this and some of my favourites include writing and submitting articles to article directories such as EzineArticles.
These directories will publish articles and have them live online usually within just a few days.
By including a link to your business in your article you can attract customers to your business.
You can also post free adverts online in many different directories such as Craigslist.
Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums are also great places for free advertising for your business.
For complete beginners who would like to use the web for business I would recommend that you look for a really good complete online business package to get yourself started.
A good online business package will often include free hosting and unlimited bandwidth, free web building tools with full video tutorials to guide you.
A dedicated support helpline, a forum to share knowledge and help, live webinars, and a whole range of additional video tutorials that will teach you everything from marketing to building multiple streams of income.
Be sure to shop around when choosing your online business package, some of the best available can be bought by monthly subscription for less than the price of a good cup coffee a day.
Affiliate marketing is a simple and cheap way to use the web for business marketing and building a long-term residual income for you and your family.
In simple terms affiliate marketing just means promoting your own and or other people's products online.
You can also use traditional off-line marketing if you wish, however traditional marketing is very expensive and often less effective.
One of the biggest markets in the world today is people's thirst for knowledge.
Millions of dollars are made every day by giving answers to people's problems and supplying them with the knowledge and information they require.
By searching online in places such as Google, forums, blogs and places like Facebook and twitter we can quickly find people who need answers to problems.
To resolve these problems we can go to digital marketplaces such as commission Junction and ClickBank.
These marketplaces have thousands of ready made products that will answer the majority of problems.
By introducing these products to the people we found earlier we can supply them with the answers they are looking for, and get paid a commission for our efforts.
You can of course produce your own products for example a written document, an audio product or a visual product such as the DVD.
By using your own products you can set your own price and you will of course receive 100% of the sale value.
When you use places like ClickBank and commission Junction you will receive a commission of about 25 to 75% of the sale value.
The other advantage to using these services is that you never have to deal with any customers whatsoever.
Another great way to multiply your income when using the web for business with affiliate marketing is to look for products that have repeat business.
These are products such as monthly journals or magazines also educational products and knowledge products which are sold as six or twelve part monthly courses.
This is one of the easiest ways to use the web for business without having to spend a fortune on advertising costs and ongoing running costs.

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